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Over $1,600 Raised at the Race Against Cancer Annual Charity Race

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By Oladele Bolden

This past weekend saw a coming together of some or the North East’s best racers for RC Car World’s Annual Race Against Cancer Charity Race, located in Willingboro, NJ, In which 100% of the proceeds were donated to Lourdes Hospital Cancer wing. Having recently lost his brother Cedric Touraine, Track director Oladelé Bolden put together the event with the help of track owner Mike Sienczenko along with Lourdes Health Foundation, Inc Director Ruth Cila.

They reached out to sponsors for the event and they answered the call with resounding support. Event sponsors included RcKrackin’, HRP, Sweeps USA, Pep Boys, Venom, Savox and Racers Edge, Viper, and title sponsor Roche Products International. There were many giveaways including a brand new Roche Raptide P10!

Racers came for far and wide in support of this charity race, including R.O.A.R National Champion Tom Lane (Yokomo). Racers came as far as Virginia, Connecticut, Washington DC, New York and more. With over 60 race entries, it ensured there would make for some great competitive racing and lots of money to be raised for Lourdes Hospital Cancer wing. With everyone’s support over $1600.00 was raised for Lourdes Hospital!

Prior to racing beginning at 11am, there was an emotional reading of names of all the racers in attendance as well as racers that couldn’t make it, loved ones names that were battling cancer and or lost their battle to cancer. Thanks to the some good race directing the program ran super smooth, after each race the next set of racers had already completed tech and were ready to race. Marshall’s reported to the track promptly to be able to complete 3 rounds of qualifying and mains. Each round consisted of 12 heats of racing. Classes included USGT, USVTA, WGT, 1/12 scale 13.5, F1, Mini and 17.5 touring car.

Qualifying at RC Car World is always a fun experience due to them reshuffling after each round of qualifying, so racers are consistently battling to make the show. TQs were; USVTA: Phil Gonesh (XRAY), 1/12 Juwan Hunter (Serpent), F1 T. Mark (XRAY), Touring Car Patrick Clark (AE), USGT Phil Gonesh (XRAY) WGT Papo Swing, and Mini Phil Gonesh. The mains were all fun, competitive and entertaining all the way down to the last main of each class!

17.5 TC class A Main winners: First place winner was Patrick Clark 36 6:04 (Associated), second place winner was Richard Day 35 6:02 (VBC), and third place winner was Thomas Lane 34 6:01 (Yokomo).

17.5 TC class B Main winners: First place winner was Joachim Bauno (Serpent), second place winner was Courtney Townend 34 6:02, and third place winner was Oladelé Bolden 33 6:02.

1/12 Class A Main winners: First place winner was Chirs Wasnesky 49 8:07 (Roche), second place winner was Matt Fichanna 47 8:04 (CRC) and third place winner was Jose Rodriguez (Associated) .

USVTA Class A main winners: First place Phil Gonesh 29 6:01 (XRAY), second place winner was Billy Heuser 29 6:08 and the third place winner was Ryan Ferrell 28 6:00 (Associated)

USGT Class A main winners: First place Phil Gonesh 26 5:02 (XRAY), Quinn Moon 26 5:03 (VBC), Brett Parker 25 5:09 (Tamiya)

WGT Class A main winners: First Place Papo Swing 35 6:08 (CRC), Matt Fichanan 33 6:10 CRC Ralph Cunningham 32 6:00

Mini Class A main winners: Phil Gonesh 27 6:00, Justin Venditti 26 6:10.1, and Al Venditti 26 6:10.6


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