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$799 X4 Pro FPV RTF w/Touchscreen TX 1080P Cam 3 Axis Gimba

$799 X4 Pro FPV RTF w/Touchscreen TX 1080P Cam 3 Axis Gimba

Friday, September 23, 2016 by Mike

This is the Brushless Electric Powered, Radio Controlled, Ready to Fly X4 Pro FPV Quadcopter with Touch Screen Transceiver from Hubsan. For advanced intermediate aerial photography enthusiasts. 



Transceiver: Android operating system, 7" (177.8mm) touch screen with 1280 x 800 resolution, 10 channels, 2 video channels, video jack for FPV goggles (goggles not included), dual redundancy- telemetry displayed on OLED screen and Tablet, functions include GPS Coordinates, Speed, Distance, Altitude (ground level), Battery Voltage, TX Battery Voltage, RX Signal Strength and Video Feed Signal Strength

 GPS: Waypoints, Return to Home, and Position Hold functions, programming compatible with Google maps, 32 separable savable waypoints-each adjustable for Altitude, Time at Waypoint, and Direction of X4 Pro 

Motor: Brushless 


Safety Features: 
Loss of TX Signal-Automatically returns to home and lands via GPS Immediately lands if voltage drops too low (will not "Return Home" in the event of a low voltage situation) 

Low Battery Warning-Battery capacity warning appears on screen asking pilot to return home 

Wi-Fi: Turns off when motors are armed, and turn on when motors are
Return to Home: Returns to place motors were armed if TX signal is 
lost, or if pilot engages manual Return to Home mode from TX 

INCLUDES: X4 Pro FPV Quadcopter 
7" Touch Screen FPV Transceiver with Neckstrap and Sunshield 
3-Axis Gimbal 
1080p HD Camera 
1S-3S AC Balancing Charger 
Transmitter, Camera and Flight Batteries 
Neck Strap and detachable Sunshield 
Blade Guards 
Propellers and Spare Propeller Set with Removal Tool 

Quad Size: 14.6" (370mm) diameter 
Weight: 2.3lbs (1060g) RTF without accessories 
(1420g) max takeoff weight 
Flight Time: 32 minutes with no accessories 
25 minutes with accessories installed 
Prop Size: 9.4" (240mm) self tightening blades 
Flight Battery: High density 3S 7000mAh 25C LiPo 
Electronic Speed Control: 4-10A 
Motor: Brushless 
Onboard Navigation Equipment: GPS, Barometer Compass 
Flight Modes: Normal and Headless 

Touch Screen Transceiver; 
Android Device: Integrated android device for waypoint and more 
advanced GPS features 
Transmitter Size: 12.4 x 6.77 x 1.73" (315 x 172 x 44mm) 
Weight: 2.42lbs (1100g) without battery 
Receives: 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz 
Transmits: 2.4GHz 
LiPo Battery: 5400mAh 7.4V 10C 39.96 Watt Hour 
Channels: 10 channels, 2 video channels 
Antennas: 1-function/data transmission, 2-video receiver 
Trims: 4 digital 
Switches: Actual Direction (AD), GPS, Return to Home, LED Lights 
Gimbal Control: 2 rotating dials 
Video Jack: For FPV goggles (not included) 
Data Port: 2 Micro USB 
Operating System: Android 
Main Display: 7" (177.8mm) touchscreen 
Main Display Resolution: 1280x800 

Video Definition: 1920 x 1080P @30FPS 
Photo Definition: 4032 x 3024 (12.2 megapixels) 
Video Format: MOV 
Photo Format: JPEG 
Lens Field Angle: 132 degrees (actual) 
Lens Specification: 1/3" 
Size: 2.32 x 1.61 x 1.30" (59 x 41 x 33.2mm) 
Weight: 1.59oz (45g) 
LiPo Battery: 650mAh 1S 
Battery Life: 1 hour (recording mode) 
Memory Port: Micro SD card 
Operating Temperature: 14 - 158°F (-10 - 70°C) 

COMMENTS: FOLLOW RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION OF FPV AIRCRAFT  Always follow the AMA Safety Code when operating model aircraft.  
Visit http://www.modelaircraft.org and search for "FPV 550" and read "Document 550 - to learn about the safe operation of FPV "First Person View" systems in model aircraft. 

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