Sunday, Feb 10, 2019, 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
4340 Route 130 North, Wilingboro, NJ 08046

Classes:  Slash GT, USGT, Euro Trucks, 1/12, F1

On-Road  Race


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Slash GT, USGT, Euro Trucks, 1/12, F1

Other qualifying classes: 17.5T 1/10th Electric Touring Car (Spec TC Tire Available at track.), USVTA, 1/12 Pan Car, WGT, TCS Mini, Breakout, 

We will run any appropriate class as long as we have 4 or more racers. 
Visit our On-Road Racing Program page for rules info.


First class- $20
Second class-$15 
Third/Fourth/Fifth/etc class- $10/ea


*Minimum 4 cars to make a race in order to insure adequate marshals.


Slash GT Racing

Motor 13.5 spec Blinky (discounted at the store]

Jaco foam tires 
LCG Chassi 
Spec Gear Ratio 76 Spur 28 Pinion 
7.3 Final Drive Ratio 
Run any car body 
Practice is every Friday, race every other Sunday.

$15 to race. 

We got everything at the store.


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