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  • D says: "An outdoor off road track would be superb! I hope you pull it off I am seriously looking forward to it. Will you be building an indoor off road carpet as well? Seems like you have enough room from what I read." for RC CAR WORLD HOBBY SHOP & TRACKS IS RELOCATING TO CINNAMINSON ON JUNE 1ST.

    Jun 08, 2020
  • Thomas J Genazzio says: "I have I have an older Associated RC10 GT Truck with an OS Max Engine. The car is in very good condition but it is hard starting and when it does start the engine cuts out when I give it throttle or brakes. I have tried everything I can to tune it properly.

    Is your store capable of this type of fix, tuning etc.? I am in the Philadelphia are so I can bring the car to your store. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I sent this same message to Mike at [email protected]

    mobile 610-659-6308

    May 26, 2020




Atsushi Mizunaga owner of Team Tetsujin visited RC Car World drift track on Sunday June 21st and showcased his RC drifting products...

Tem-Tetsujin Photo


Atsushi Mizunaga the owner of Team Tetsujin came to the USA from Japan for 10 days to attend the US formula drift at Wall, NJ. on June 26 - 27.
While in NJ he visited some local RC drift tracks including RC Car World on Sunday June 21st , showcasing one of his products super rims. 

These are adjustable off-set rims specifically designed for RC drift cars, which our store will be carrying soon.

Atsushi spent the day with some of our local drifters and had lots of fun.

We invite all the local drifters to visit our bigger, more detailed and improved drift track (adding more details  each week), and check out our drift products at our RC store.

Visit our Facebook page for the latest announcements and events.


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