Introducing the Arrma 4×2 BOOST 550 MEGA Ready To Run

Arrma Mega Boost


Well Arrma is at it again and this time it’s with new 1/10 entry level bashers. The Vorteks, Senton and Granite, each coming in 2 new colors. Don’t let entry level fool you these rc’s are hobby grade and upgradable!

They come based off the proven 1/10 Arrma chassis with a 550 sized brushed motor and rear wheel drive 4×2.

Out of the box these will do 30+mph in optimum conditions and they can easily be upgraded to a 4×4 3s brushless system to hit speeds over 55 mph. Arrma will sell a Transmission upgrade set that will convert your 4×2 to a 4×4.

Check out the video’s below to see them in action.


Available Now! $199.99

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