MJ Honored At The Garden State Shoot Up Race

MJ honrado


The Garden State Shoot Out was yet the biggest event at RCCW with racers coming up from 10 surrounding states including Canada and Florida…

The Garden State Shoot Out was yet the biggest event at RCCW with 89 entries within 14 class rounds. 

Racers coming up from 10 surrounding states including Canada and Florida visited RCCW starting Saturday Nov. 7th for practice. 

MJ a 9 year old racer who participated in several past club road races signed up for 17.5 Touring race, our most popular program, earning 3rd place in the 17.5 Touring E Main, with 32 laps and fastest lap at 10.22, very close to Mike Senn (33 laps -10.30) and Bill Elley (32 – 10.20), becoming the youngest driver at RC Car World to ever win a trophy. 


MJ was recognized and honored by his fellow racers as a group of them including; Race Director Oladelé Bolden (RcAmerica, XRAY, Trinity), Courtney Townend (RcAmerica,XRAY), Richard Daly (VBC) and Walo Walker (Trinity) presented him with a custom painted body by Dean Isaac, as a recognition of his impressive RC driving skills.


The mains started at 7pm and ended with winners receiving their trophies as each race finalized. 

Photos of the Garden State Shoot Up event can be found at our gallery:


Videos will also be posted in our YouTube channel.

Here are the winners of RC Car World Garden State Shoot Up Race were:

17.5 TC A Main
1st. Clark Patrick 37 laps, F 9.47
2nd Donny Lia 37 laps, F 9.40
3rd RV Cole 36 laps, F 9.55 

13.5 1-12 A Main
1st Donny Lia 55 laps, F 8.32
2nd Ralph Morella 52 laps, F 8.56
3rd Ralph Fortunato 51, F 8.80 

17.5 TC B Main
1st DJ 37 laps, F 9.51
2nd Richard Siriano 37 laps, F 9.56
3rd Shawn Davis 36 laps, F 9.50 

13.5 1-12 B Main
1st Juwan Hunter 51 laps, F 8.98
2nd Matt Fichana 47 laps, F 9.39
3rd Edel Gonzalez 39 laps, F 8.94 

1st Aja Archibald 40 laps, F 11.56
2nd Phi Gonesh 40 laps, F 11.28
3rd Carl Edwards 39 laps, F 11.55 

17.5 TC C Main
1st Walo Walker 36 laps, F 9.74
2nd Richard Daly 36 laps, F 9.87
3rd Joseph Wright 35 laps, F 9.83 

WGT A Main
1st Donny Lia 39 laps, F 9.01
2nd Phil Trota 39 laps, F 9.02
3rd Ralph Morella 39 laps, F 8.97 

17.5 TC D Main
1st Juwan Hunter (Serpent) 35 9.83
2nd Jose Rodriguez 34 9.80
3rd Marvin Morris 34, 9.76 

17.5 TC E Main
1st Bill Elley 33 laps, F 10.30
2nd mike Senn 32 laps, F 10.20
3rd MJ 32 laps, F 10.22 

1st Carl G. laps 30, F 11.76
2nd Dean Isaac laps 29, F 11.93
3rd Tom Jr Baffer laps 29 F 12.23 

17.5 TC F Main
1st Bill Elley 32 laps, F 10.02
2nd Fernando Lopez 31 laps, F 10.87
3rd Paul Cramner 28 laps, F 10.20