New X-Maxx. Brutal Strength. Extreme Power. Massive Fun!

New X-Maxx


X-Maxx is an all-new, clean-sheet design, engineered from the start to take Traxxas 
Tough™ to a whole new level.


X-Maxx is an all-new, clean-sheet design, engineered from the start to take Traxxas Tough™ to a whole new level. Unrelenting power, mammoth size, and ferocious determination make this mighty monster a truly worthy successor to the Maxx® legacy.

At almost 30-inches long, just over 21-inches wide, and 14-inches tall, X-Maxx is the biggest monster truck to come from Traxxas. Power over and through extreme terrain with incredible ease. 




X-Maxx is enormous. Size wins by giving you the advantage to power over and through extreme landscapes. Mammoth 8-inch tall tires, long-arm suspension, and huge ground clearance dwarf the surroundings for virtually unstoppable Monster truck fun.


Wildly over-powered, X-Maxx stays true to form with its Maxx® DNA. 6s 22-volt dual-LiPo muscle and a Velineon 1600XL big block motor propel X-Maxx with brutal authority and an exacting quickness that completely defies its enormous size. 


Before X-Maxx, monster trucks would sometimes roll over upside down, bringing the action to a screeching halt. Now, press a button and in most cases this exclusive patent-pending Traxxas innovation flips X-Maxx back over onto its wheels so that you can quickly get back to having fun.

Stock #: TRAD75**
Manufacturer #: 77076-4

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