ORL Reunion Tour Race Held @RCCarWorld

ORL Reunion


This Sunday Dec. 07 RC Car World held ORL series Race 3 in Willingboro NJ. These are the winners

This Sunday Dec. 07 ORL held series Race 3 @ RC Car World in Willingboro NJ.  The ORL is a traveling R/C car racing point series that consists of several races held on different tracks once a month through-out the eastern PA, NJ area with each race introducing new challenges for the racers. Visit their site for more information http://orlracing.com 

These are the winners: In the Breakout (A Main) Al Spina with 47 laps and with the fastest lap 5.054. In the Truck (B Main) Mike Lee with 55 laps and with the fastest lap 4.218. In the COT (A Main) Dave Carpenter with 60 laps and with the fastest lap at 3.848. In the Truck (A Main) Aaron Miller with 55 laps and the fastest lap in 4.124.

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