Unleash Your Inner Motocross Champion: The New Promoto-MX RC Motorcycle Takes Off-Road Fun to the Extreme!

1/4 Promoto-MX Motorcycle RTR Club MX

New from Losi: The Best-Looking and Performing RC Dirt Bike Ever Made

Unveiling the 1/4 Promoto-MX Motorcycle RTR Club MX 

Losi has recently introduced its latest innovation, the 1/4 Promoto-MX RC Motorcycle, earning acclaim as the pinnacle of both aesthetics and performance among RC dirt bikes.

This captivating product has sparked immense interest among consumers, selling out in numerous outlets.
Undoubtedly, it stands as an exceptional choice for any RC enthusiast seeking the perfect holiday gift.

Unleash Your Inner Motocross Champion with the Promoto-MX RC Motorcycle – an unparalleled blend of stunning design and exceptional performance!


Let’s delve into its extraordinary features and capabilities.

Power and Speed

Equipped with a Potent 2,700kV Brushless System Delivers Exhilarating Speeds Surpassing 40 mph

Control and Versatility

Offers Dirt, Street, and Wheelie Drive Modes Incorporates a Collapsible Front Crash Structure for Enhanced Safety

Authenticity and Realism

Features a Realistic Rider Figure Adorned in Authentic Riding Gear Boasts a Functional, Cable-Driven Front Disc Brake

Performance and Durability

Utilizes Chain Drive with Dual Disc Performance Slipper Clutch Showcases True Spoke Wheels for Enhanced Realism

Convenience and Ready-to-Run Experience

Includes Hands-Free Starting Stand and Keyed Bike Stand Arrives Fully Assembled and Ready-to-Run


Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or a beginner yearning for thrilling adventures, the Promoto-MX guarantees unmatched excitement and precision.

This RC motorcycle stands as a must-have for both enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

Prepare to elevate your RC adventures to new heights with the excitement and thrill offered by the Promoto-MX and get yours.

Starting at $549.99:  



1/4 Promoto-MX Motorcycle RTR, Club MX