Lockup MT Belted 2.8 Pre-Mounted Truck Tires Black Chrome 2


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The DuraTrax Lockup MT Belted 2.8″ Pre-Mounted Front/Rear Tires come ready to be installed and bashed. Featuring MFT belts (Micro Fiber Technology) these tires weigh less, balloon less, distort less, and are more durable than ever. MFT not only enhances the durability of the tire but also provides ultimate performance and traction.



Scale: 1/10

Wheel Hex Size: 17mm
Offset:  0.5″

Outer Diameter: 5.3″ (135mm)
Wheel Width: 2.8″ (70.2mm)
Wheel Position: Front/Rear
Tire Tread: Lockup Belted
Wheel Type: Composite plastic
Vehicle Type: Monster Truck
Tire Compound: Soft