P47 200MM TC Bodyshell Regular Wieght Body Clear


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The Protoform P47 is the next evolution of the IFMAR World Title-winning P37. Featuring aero concepts and design cues never before seen in the class, the P47 was tested by the Protoform team to create a body that offers more precise and smooth steering, increased corner speed and forward bite, and additional top speed on long straights. A raised section of the left side window can be cut out to scoop air into the body for additional engine cooling, and a large high-downforce/low-drag wing complete the design.


This body meets all EFRA (#2058), IFMAR and ROAR body rule requirements and is available in two weights of high-quality polycarbonate: .025” (light weight) and .030 (regular weight).


  • Precise and smooth steering feel
  • Increased corner speed and forward bite
  • Added straightaway speed
  • Integrated window scoop to improve engine cooling
  • Available in .025”, or .030”
  • EFRA LEGAL #2058


Length: 17.125″ (434mm)
Width: 7.99″ (203mm)
Height: 4.375″ (111mm)
Wheel Base: 10.16″ (258mm)



  • Clear P47-N Body
  • Decal sheet
  • Nylon wing mounting hardware
  • Paint-then-peel overspray film & window masks