Saturday April 1st 2017 RC Car World will be hosting The Eastern States Indoor On Road Championships, trophy race. This will be a trophy race. Trophies will be presented to the top three positions in both the A and B and C mains. (6 in a class make a trophy class)Trophies will be ordered march 27th based upon roll call. 6 entries make a trophies class for each additional 6 entries another main of trophies will be ordered. ex: 6 entries=A, 12 entries=a and b main, 18 entries = a, b, and c main, etc.

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RC Car World
4340 U.S. 130 Willingboro, NJ 08046


Saturday April 1st.

Gates: 8am
1st round: 12 noon
*Saturday 3 qualifiers and mains

Classes (4 or more make a class)

17.5 Blinky TC
13.5 1/12 scale
Euro Truck

Trophy Race Classes: $30 1st class, $25 2nd class, $15 3rd class


All ROAR rules apply for TC and 1/12 scale classes
Qualifying: 3 rounds of IFMAR qualifying (rocket round/fastest single run)
Single Mains
1s voltage – 4.20v
2s voltage – 8.40v
TC weight – 1350g
TC classes must run spec tire sweep 32s (us indoor champ edition) – $28/set – available at the hobby shop.
Qualifying: 3 rounds of qualifying + Single Mains, All heats and mains will be straight-up starts
5 minute qualifiers
8 minute mains
1450g weight
25.5 brushless Motor
2C LiPo: 6000MAH
Drivers optional

The Tamiya M-Chassis class is open to all drivers. M-Chassis is one of the most popular classes at TCS events. The M-Chassis class features low cost, fun and competitive racing.

Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

1. Legal chassis platforms: M03, M05, M05 V2 and M06
2. Current TAMIYA Mini bodies available for the M03, M05 and M06 are legal and may be used on any chassis platform.
3. Motor Rules: any 21.5 R.O.A.R approved motor for this class.
4. Timing Rules: Physical motor timing is allowed. However, you may not go beyond the manufacturer’s maximum timing mark.
5. No BOOST ESC (Electronic Speed Control) rules: Any ROAR legal and approved ESC may be used capable of “Blinky-Mode”. These ESC’s must not use electronic timing (boost). See General Rules for ROAR approved “blinky” ESC list.
6. Tamiya internal gears only. Aftermarket idler and spur gears are not legal.
7. Battery rules: Any Legal TCS battery. See General rules. Note: LIPO battery packs used in the M-Chassis class that are Sport Packs (a rounded profile) must be hard case batteries but are not required to be ROAR approved. Grinding the battery slot to fit rectangular batteries is not permitted.
8. All M-chassis cars must meet a minimum weight of 1300 grams.
9. Spec Tire rules: open tire rule

USVTA Rules apply for USVTA
Qualifying: 3 rounds of qualifying + Single Mains, All heats and mains will be straight-up starts
6 minute qualifiers
8 minute mains
1450g weight
25.5 brushless Motor
2C LiPo:
Drivers optional


Chassis Specification:
Any 1/10 4wd with 4 wheel independent suspension.

Weight Specification:
4wd 1380g weight

Body Specifications:
Any 190mm or 200mm body. Body can be any body that is NOT on the ROAR T2 body list. No bodies intended for pan cars allowed. FWD encouraged to use FWD bodies However, However, Can AM or IMSA style bodies, similar to 1/12 or 1/8 bodies using an integrated wing are illegalEX: Porsche 962 style bodies or LeMans P1.
Daytona prototypes OK. Japanese GT OK German DTM OK
NO Trucks vans minivans school buses garbage trucks, ultility vehicles, moon landers, zambonis,golf carts, quads, etc allowed. If its not a car its not legal.
Any “SCALE” molded wings can be used. Lexan wings 10mm maximum height / side dam height
Scale type race liveries encouraged

Tire & Wheel Specifications:
Gravity tires
Wheels- no lite weight type wheel


BSR spec tire and rim

2s battery 1050 wg.

13.5 1/12

Open tire 1s no booster packs 730 wg.

Euro truck
Tamiya TCS rules


Any roar legal 25.5
Tires CRC spec and no other.