Trenton Youth Got Expert Instruction As They Assemble Their Own Model Cars

Trenton Youth


Thirteen youth ages 7 to 17 and their mentors visited RC Car World track facilities to assemble their RC kits through the Kappa Botics program sponsored by Guide Right


Thirteen youth ages 7 to 17 and their mentors visited our track facilities on Thursday January 22nd 2015, to assemble their Tamiya M05 Mini Cooper kits purchased from RC Car World hobby store through the Kappa Botics program sponsored by Guide Right.

TAC Nupes from Kapital City Nukes assisted the program which planned to introduce the Trenton youth to the technology science and design of remote controlled cars in a field trip to our track facilities.

The first day was a success as the youth worked on their projects and watched racers practice at the track. The youth and their mentors plan to return every few weeks to work on their cars for two hours per day until the cars are ready to run.

On this first day each youth with the help of a mentor worked on their car for one hour, received a tour of the facilities and workshop area, chose their car colors and watched RC racers practice while on the track.

Mike Sienczenko, owner of RC Car World also jumped in for some expert instruction as the mentors helped the youth assemble their own model cars.


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