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RC Drift Indoor Track

The RC drift track is a thrilling destination for RC drift enthusiasts, offers a unique experience for just $20 per day or $10 for 4 hours. This drift track is designed specifically for RC drifting, features a series of challenging turns and smooth straights, perfect for drivers to showcase their skills.

The surface of the track replicates the slick conditions ideal for drifting, providing an authentic and exhilarating experience. Enthusiasts can bring their own RC drift cars, immersing themselves in a day filled with adrenaline-pumping action.

The facility also boasts a welcoming community of fellow RC drifters, making it a great place to learn new techniques, share tips, and enjoy the camaraderie of shared passion.


RC Off Road Outdoor Track

RC Off-Road Electric Truck Track: Thrilling Adventures Await

Unleash the power of your RC off-road electric truck at our expansive outdoor track, open to all enthusiasts during store hours from dawn to dusk. Experience the exhilaration of navigating challenging terrains, overcoming obstacles, and pushing your truck to its limits.

Open to All
-No restrictions – anyone with an RC off-road electric truck is welcome to join the fun.
-Perfect for beginners and experienced drivers alike.

Affordable Entry Fee
-Pay a nominal fee of $5 per hour per person to access the track.
-Guest entry is free, so bring your friends and family to share the excitement.

Hours of Operation
-Conveniently open during store hours from dawn to dusk.
-Check our website or call the store for specific track availibility.

Amenities and Facilities
-Track with a variety of terrains and hills.
-Ample parking space for your vehicles.
-Restrooms and concessions available for your convenience.

Safety First
-All drivers are required to sign a waiver.
-Follow all track rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Unleash Your RC Off-Road Adventure Today
Head to our RC off-road electric truck track and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure. With its challenging terrains, affordable entry fee, and convenient hours, our track is the ultimate destination for off-road RC enthusiasts.

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