1/8 KRONOS XTR 6S Monster Truck LWB-Roller Chassis


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Meet the Kronos XTR Rolling Chassis from Team Corally. XTR means extreme, and in this case the popular Kronos XP 6S Monster Truck gets completely o…

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1/8 KRONOS XTR 6S Monster Truck LWB-Roller Chassis


Meet the Kronos XTR Rolling Chassis from Team Corally. XTR means extreme, and in this case the popular Kronos XP 6S Monster Truck gets completely outfitted with premium option tuning parts like aerospace-quality 7075-T6 aluminium main chassis, braces, shock towers and more to deliver a truly unparalleled driving experience. In addition, the popular 2021 Kronos bodyshell receives a distinctive color and revised graphic treatment to let others know that the Kronos XTR means business.

The Kronos XTR arrives as an assembled rolling chassis without electronics, ready for your choice of steering servo, brushless motor, and ESC. By allowing the owner to choose their preferred equipment, the Kronos XTR can provide a unique driving experience that is specifically personalized. With a full complement of factory upgrades and tuning parts already installed, the Kronos XTR can elevate your game to an entirely new level.


7075 CNC Machined Aluminium Front and Rear Shock Towers Unlike other models that offer stamped aluminum shock towers and call that “premium”, the Kronos XTR delivers CNC-machined units for optimized durability and performance in addition to a multitude of tuning choices for shock and upper arm mounting locations. The special nature of the parts are further expressed with elegant laser engraving.

Extreme 7075 CNC Aluminium Upper Arm Brace/Servo Saver Support Plate
The Kronos XTR front upper suspension hinge pins are captured and braced with a 7075 aluminium brace that is connected directly to the front chassis brace for incredible strength. Further precision and durability are provided by the 7075 aluminium servo saver support brace with extra tower connection that maintains proper alignment of the steering system to deliver the Kronos XTR’s razor-sharp steering response.


Extreme 7075 Aluminium Front Chassis Brace with 3mm Carbon Chassis Stiffener A CNC-machined piece of billet 7075 aluminium serves to reinforce the Kronos XTR front assembly. Connecting the back of the front suspension with the servo saver brace and main chassis plate delivers outstanding rigidity and strength that noticeably improves handling response. Further tuning can be done by employing the included carbon inserts to further increase overall stiffness and reduce chassis flex.

Extreme 7075 Aluminium Rear Chassis Brace with 3mm Carbon Chassis Stiffener
Like the one used at the front of the Kronos XTR, the rearward portion of the main chassis is also braced by an extraordinarily strong combination of aluminum and carbon fiber. Chassis stiffness and flex can be changed by use or elimination of the carbon brace.

Extreme 7075 CNC Aluminium Laser-Etched Chassis Plate
A massive piece of billet 7075-T6 aluminum is used to manufacture the chassis plate of the Kronos XTR to maintain perfect flatness, alignment, and durability, topped off with elegant laser-etching to confirm the special nature of the truck.

Extreme 7075 CNC Aluminium Hinge Pin Braces
The lower hinge pin braces on the Kronos XTR are made from premium aluminium for the utmost precision and durability. Each of these small details combine to create one of the most durable, precise-handling, extreme monster trucks on the planet!
Spring Steel Adjustable Turnbuckles
Adjustable, spring steel turnbuckles are included with the Kronos XTR to allow the driver to tune front camber, rear camber, and toe-in/toe-out; allowing for a vehicle that can be fine-tuned to the exact needs of the driver.

Rolling Chassis
Most importantly, the Kronos XTR arrives as a factory-assembled rolling chassis, ready for your favorite electronics, delivering a finished product that is truly customized toward your own personal driving style. Isn’t it time you got extreme with the Kronos XTR?

Items required for completion:
TX/RX: Although most any 2.4GHz radio system will work, a great combination of value and performance can be found in the Team Corally Varioprop S2R pistol grip radio system. Rugged and economical, it has all the necessary features to precisely control the Kronos XTR.
ESC: The Kronos XTR can accept a wide range of electronic speed controls depending on desired performance and budget. The Team Corally Torox ESC is an ideal match for the XTR.
Brushless Motor: The Kronos XTR can accept a wide range of 1/8 scale brushless motors including sensored, sensorless, 2-pole or 4-pole.
Steering Servo: The Kronos XTR can accept a wide range of servos, from the economical to the ultimate. Team Corally offers steering servos to fit all demands and budgets.
Battery and Charger: 4S-6S LiPo battery and suitable charger are required for the XTR.

Kronos XTR Details:

Pre-built Extreme Monster Truck with body, wheels, and tyres, less electronics
7075 T6 aluminium Ackerman steering plate
Splashproof and dustproof receiver case with integrated transponder mount
XL adjustable battery holder for all common LiPo batteries
Complete set of aerospace-quality, rubber sealed ball bearings
Hardened 52T. steel spur gear and motor pinion
Front/Center/Rear sealed metal differentials individually filled with silicone oil
Aluminum/Steel center differential
Quick, simple differential access for tuning or maintenance
Extra-large 8x16x5mm transmission bearings
2-piece aluminium motor mount with composite gear cover
Completely hard-coated metal drive train
Premium surface-hardened steel front CVD joints
Aluminium 17 mm wheel hexes
Aluminium servo arm
Oil-filled, threaded 16 mm aluminium Big Bore shocks
Shock spring perch locking system
Fully independent pivot-ball front and double-wishbone rear suspension
Heavy Duty aluminium front and rear chassis braces
3mm Rear carbon stiffener for extreme structural rigidity
3mm carbon mid-chassis stiffener
7075 T6 aluminium suspension pin mounts with composite cover
Optimized, custom-engineered composite parts
Reinforced truck-style front steering blocks and rear hubs
Center roll cage mount
Heavy-Duty adjustable turnbuckles
Team Corally RSP anti-roll bar system, front and rear
7075 T6 Aluminium chassis plate, laser etched.
7075 T6 CNC-machined and laser-etched aluminium shock towers, 5mm rear/4mm front
Reinforced nylon composite chassis side guards with integrated body protection
Reinforced high-downforce wing and mount with brace
Front and rear bumper with integrated skid plates
Pre-glued high-speed low-profile tyres on black 7-spoke nylon rims
Impact-resistant, elaborately printed polycarbonate body
Wide assortment of tuning parts available for individual customization
Compatible with most 6S electronics
Team Corally Torox 185 ESC and Kuron 725 brushless motor recommended
Team Corally REVOC 6S ESC and DYNOTORQ brushless motors compatible



  • Length: 577mm Width: 465mm Height: 209mm
  • Wheelbase: 388mm
  • Battery Tray Dimensions: (LxWxH): 143×50.5x50mm
  • Max Battery Size: 51x161mm
  • Gear Ratio (internal): 3.31 (MOD 1)