Lectron Pro 22.2V 6S 5200mAh 50C Lipo Battery with XT90 Connector for 1/8 Trucks


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This 22.2V (6S) 5200mAh 50C lithium polymer battery pack is a high-performance option for a variety of different applications: large multirotors, EDF Jets, 600 to 700-size helicopters and 1/8 scale trucks that take 6S lipos. These lipo packs are made with our ultra-compact 5200mAh cells that give you a weight savings of up to 20% versus 5000-5200mAh lipos from many other manufacturers. That massive weight savings means lighter total loads for longer flight times and more agile, powerful performance from your aircraft.

Wire multiples of these batteries in parallel for super-lightweight 6S 10,400mAh, 15,600mAh or 20,800mAh setups for large-scale multirotors.

Compatible With:

  • Large Multirotors
  • EDF Jets
  • 600-700-size Helicopters
  • 1/8 scale trucks that take 6S lipos


  • Length: 136mm (5.35 in.)
  • Width: 45mm (1.77 in.)
  • Height: 51mm (2.01 in.)
  • Weight: 659g (23.25 oz)