MINI-Z AWD MA-020 Readyset Subaru Impreza with Aero Kit and CFRP Hood Metallic Yellow


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If you think drifting is difficult, no worries, you have a solution. The RX-ESC unit is equipped with a gyro socket and an adjustment volume. As soon as you install an optional gyro unit 2.0 (MZW446 – sold separately), you will quickly become a drifting expert. The gyro sensor detects the yaw rate of the car and automatically corrects the steering angle for you. So, even if you are not a skilled driver, you can surely enjoy smooth and fun drifting. Also, it is very easy to adjust the gyro effect. You can increase or decrease the effect by just turning a tiny volume with a tool enclosed. No PC or any external equipment is necessary. The set contains 20 pcs of red cones. Make a gymkhana course with them and sharpen your
drifting skills!

Almost-factory-assembled chassis equipped with KT-531P compatible Rx-ESC unit
Pinion Gears (15T, 17T, 19T, 21T)
Spur Gears (27T, 29T, 31T)
Wheel wrench

8 x AAA batteries


  • Length: 160.0mm
  • Width: 69.0mm
  • Height: 53.0mm
  • Chassis Type: MA-020
  • Wheelbase: 90.0mm (M)
  • Tread (F):58.5mm
  • Tread (R):58.5mm
  • Weight: 193g
  • 130 class motor
  • Gear Ratio: 7.2, 6.4, 6.0, 5.7, 5.3, 5.0, 4.5:1
  • Tire Diameter (F/R): 25.0mm/25.0mm
  • Tire Width (F/R):8.5mm/8.5mm
  • Transmitter: KT-531P
  • Top speed: approx. 17km/h
  • Runtime: approx. 50min



  • KT-531P Transmitter (control knobs: steering/throttle trim, steering D/R, light flashing speed)
  • Full ball bearings. (14 pcs)
  • MA-020 based chassis with VCS front suspension
  • 20 pcs of 25mm-height red cones included.
  • Gyro control volume equipped on the RX unit for optional gyro unit
  • Socket for optional LED unit (MZW429R) equipped on the RX unit.