Polycarb Spray, Candy Purple, 4.5 oz


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Give your RC car or truck body a professional look.

Custom-blended in all of the most popular colors, Duratrax paints deliver excellent coverage for polycarbonate R/C car bodies. These high-quality paints also come with a great price per ounce, so you can cover more for less.

Duratrax custom formulas are available in a wide range of Solid, Metallic, Pearl, Candy and Fluorescent colors. Pick your favorite color and start painting!



  • Sprays evenly and provides durable coverage for polycarbonate radio control car and truck bodies.
  • Custom-blended in all of the most popular colors.
  • Convenient 4.5 ounce size typically allows full coverage of almost any RC car/truck body.
  • Pearl, Metallic and Candy colors can be top-coated with any color, especially light colors for added brilliance.
  • Many colors also available separately in conveniently sized 0.5 ounce bottles.
  • Made in the U.S.A using raw materials sourced in the U.S.A.



  • One 4.5 ounce (127 grams) Spray Can of Duratrax RC Vehicle Body Paint, Bright White



  • Nothing


Optional Accessories:

  • Duratrax PC68 Polycarb Paint Thinner 0.5 ounces (DTXR4068)
  • Duratrax PC75 Polycarb Paint Thinner 3.5 Ounces (DTXR4075)
  • Duratrax Vinyl Masking Tape 1/16 inches (DTXR5000)
  • Duratrax Vinyl Masking Tape 1/8 inches (DTXR5001)
  • Duratrax Vinyl Masking Tape 1/4 inches (DTXR5002)
  • Duratrax Vinyl Masking Tape 1/2 inches (DTXR5003)


For Best Results:

  • Apply at temperatures between 60-80°F (15-26°C) and in low humidity.
  • Apply in thin, even coats to avoid runs or heavy build-up.
  • Allow paint to cure fully between coats.
  • Application of more than three coats may cause color issues and undesirably alter appearance.
  • Back all Pearl, Metallic, Candy and Fluorescent colors with a solid color.
  • Metallic and Candy colors not recommended for backing Pearl.
  • Experiment on a separate piece of lexan (polycarbonate) to achieve desired look before attempting to paint a complete body.
  • Read label carefully and heed cautions before using.