RC Surfer 4 , Catch Surf, Readyset KT-231P


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In 2007, a cultural surf icon was born. Catch Surf was conceived in Laguna Beach, California and is headquarted in San Clemente, California, USA.
Catch Surf revolutionized surfing by introducing the first-ever high performance and radical-80’s looking soft surfboards. By leading in innovation, style and performance; Catch Surf has been able to get many of the top pros to join the team and progress the concept to the max; by surfing massive waves, doing huge airs and simply having more fun than anyone else.

Completed surfer figure and board with graphics and electronics installed
Syncro KT-231-P+ transmitter and receiver
550 class motor
Kyosho NiMh 2200mAh battery and Kyosho USB charger

Battery for TX: AA sized alkaline battery x 4pcs



  • Complete surfer and board with slick graphics from Catch Surf!
  • Updated performance with G14L motor with cooling jacket!
  • Water-proof board!
  • Updated thicker material. Includes rubber enhancement tape for reinforcing the figure for large waves. Figure is connected to the board by an O ring allowing flex and durability. Self righting desing.
  • Updated ladder design for shallow waters and also screw protection! Rudder shaft is now stainless steel.
  • 60A Kyosho Speed House water-proof brushed ESC with super plug connectors (Compatible with Li-Po)!



  • Length: 660mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Height: 325mm
  • Weight: 1,530g (approx)