Scale Drift Cone Filter Orange Style 1


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This is a Sideways RC Orange Style 1 Scale Drift Cone Filter, a detailed scale option parts to add realism to any 1/10 drift kit. This plastic part has been open cast molded out of quality polyurethane instead instead of 3D printed, keeping the cost down and quality up. This cone filter is handmade with the colors infused directly into the product in multiple pigment options. This pack includes one molded plastic cone filter with aluminum mesh and adds a high level of detail to any drift application.  
Note: Modification to your model may be required when installing these parts.
  • All parts are handmade.
  • Aluminum mesh accents.
  • Colored parts have been infused with pigment.
  • Open cast molded out of polyurethane.
Length: 13.0mm
Width: 13.0mm
Height: 13.0mm
  • (1) 1/10 Scale Style 1 Cone Filter