TRX-4 K5 RTR High Trail 1972 Chevy Blazer Trail Crawler Red


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Traxxas High Trail Edition TRX-4 models are the biggest and baddest trucks on the trail and now classic Blazer fans have reason to celebrate.


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TRX-4 Red RTR High Trail 1972 Chevy Blazer Trail Crawler

Traxxas High Trail Edition TRX-4 models are the biggest and baddest trucks on the trail and now classic Blazer fans have reason to celebrate. The 1972 Chevrolet® K5 Blazer gets the full High Trail treatment with a big, lifted stance and beautifully detailed body. The factory-installed Long Arm Lift Kit boosts the Blazer’s ground clearance by more than an inch with larger 2.2″ wheels and tires to conquer the roughest terrain. K5 Blazer High Trail Edition delivers more of what you crave—extreme all-terrain capability, stunning scale looks, and Traxxas-Tough durability.



Large 2.2″ chrome mag wheels and Canyon Trail tires tame even the most technical trails to extend your scale adventures farther than ever before. The factory-installed Long Arm Lift Kit raises K5 Blazer over an inch taller for superior ground clearance.



The TRX-4 K5 Blazer faithfully reproduces one of the most iconic Chevy trucks to ever hit the trail. Bright chrome accents contrast the high-gloss paint for an unmistakable look. The injection-molded grille, side mirrors, and simulated wood trim give K5 Blazer uncompromising scale presence.



The clipless body’s hidden latching system gives K5 Blazer High Trail Edition clean, flowing lines for new level of scale realism and convenience. On the trail, K5 Blazer’s clipless body holds tight when you need it, but releases in just seconds to access the chassis.





K5 Blazer High Trail Edition’s factory-installed lift kit and oversize tires add over an inch of trail-conquering ground clearance. Extended 110mm GTS shocks deliver silky-smooth damping performance with greater wheel articulation for increased off-road capability. Extended steel links and a revised servo mount maintain TRX-4’s superior suspension geometry. 



Molded Scale Details

K5 Blazer High Trail Edition features beautiful precision-molded details for a whole new level of scale realism. Chrome mag wheels, side mirrors, windshield wipers, and top of the line Chevy Cheyenne wood trim provide the perfect scale touches.


Factory-Installed Long Arm Lift Kit

The Traxxas Long Arm Lift Kit includes extended GTS aluminum shocks, longer links and rod ends, extended driveshafts and T-Lock cables, and a new servo mount. The lift kit works as one engineered system not only to raise the truck, but also to maintain TRX-4’s carefully tuned suspension geometry.


Clipless Convenience

K5 Blazer’s heavy-duty clipless body mounts integrate into its rugged inner fenders to form a vise-like grip. When it’s time to release the body, simply reach under the fender and pull the tabs. It’s that easy.


Heavy-Duty Frame Rails

A thick 1.5 mm steel ladder frame with molded cross members provides exceptional torsional rigidity to resist even the worst chassis twisting articulation. This extremely rigid backbone lets the suspension do the work it was designed to do. You’ll feel the difference on trails where the elimination of chassis flex allows for precise wheel placement when navigating technical terrain.


Chrome-Finish Differential Covers

Classic style meets modern technology underneath the K5 Blazer with realistic mirror chrome differential covers. These polished details take the scale look of the front and rear portal axles to the next level.


Raised Center Driveshafts and Suspension Links

TRX-4’s radical portal axle design raises the axle centerline higher to improve axle geometry and reduce driveshaft angles. Higher driveshafts and suspension links pass over obstacles to avoid high-centering your truck and reduce overall grinding wear.


High/Low Transmission

Why carry your crawler down the trail when you can drive? Blazer K5 High Trail Edition features a high speed gear to get you to your next crawling challenge quickly. When you get there, flip the rocker switch on your transmitter to engage low range and conquer tough terrain with exceptional torque.


Molded Inner Fenders and Floor Pans

Tough inner fenders mount directly to the frame and shock towers to provide a realistic and substantial feel to Blazer K5 High Trail Edition. Molded floor pans integrate into the fenders to keep rocks, mud, and twigs out of the chassis.


Titan 21T 550 Motor

Torque rules the trail! TRX-4’s massive Titan 21T motor pumps out huge torque to get you up and over anything that gets in the way. An integrated cooling fan keeps temperatures down for extended run times.


2.2″ Canyon Trail Tires

K5 Blazer rides on oversize Canyon Trail tires for additional ground clearance and rock-crawling performance. The ultra-soft S1-compound rubber and aggressive lug pattern, and dual-density foam inserts deliver unmatched grip and rugged climbing action.


Extended-Length 110mm GTS Shocks

Blazer’s extra-long 110mm GTS coil-over shocks are oil-filled to smooth out even the roughest trails. These silver-anodized aluminum shocks deliver silky-smooth damping and feature threaded bodies for easy ride height adjustment. The convincing scale realism looks great and they perform even better with an O-ring cap seal and dual X-ring shaft seals.


Torque Twist Eliminated

On conventional rigs with the limited gear reduction in the differentials, motor torque is applied to the frame to the point of twisting you right off the rocks. TRX-4’s portal axle design reduces the gear ratio at the wheels, virtually eliminating torque twist through the chassis.


T-Lock Remote Locking Differentials

Traxxas gives you complete control over the front and rear differentials to suit your driving needs. Leave the differentials unlocked for relaxed driving on the trail. When the trail gets technical, lock the front and rear differentials, or just the front differential, for superior pull and grip over extreme terrain. Sleeved micro cables control the differential action for scale appearance, without limiting the huge suspension articulation.


Waterproof Metal Gear Servo

full-metal gear digital servo gives you the durability and steering authority you need to confidently and reliably power through tough challenges.



This Special Black Edition TRX-4® Chevrolet® K5 Blazer High Trail will only be available in store at Traxxas Exclusive Dealers in the USA until September 1, 2023. After this date, it will be available worldwide.

Length: 20.67 inches (525mm)
Front Track: 10.63 inches (270mm)
Rear Track: 10.63 inches (270mm)
Center Ground Clearance: 4 inches (99mm)
Weight (w/o battery): 7.26lbs (3.30kg)
Height (overall): 11.22 inches (285mm)
Wheelbase: 12.28 inches (312mm)
Approach Angle: 69.2°
Departure Angle: 55.7°
Breakover Angle: 79.3°
Front Shock Length: 4.33 inches (110mm)
Rear Shock Length: 4.33 inches (110mm)
Front Wheels: 2.2 x 1.34 inches (56 x 34mm)
Rear Wheels: 2.2 x 1.34 inches (56 x 34mm)
Front Tires: 5.3 x 2.14 inches (135 x 54mm)
Rear Tires: 5.3 x 2.14 inches (135 x 54mm)
Hex Size: 12mm
Speed Control: XL-5 HV
Motor (electric): 21T Reverse Rotation
Transmission: 2-speed High/Low, Remote Shifting
Gear Pitch: 32P
Differential Type: 4 Gear, Remote Locking
Chassis Structure / Material: Steel Ladder Frame with Nylon Composite Crossmembers
Brake Type: Electronic “Hill Hold”
Drive System: Shaft Driven 4WD
Steering: Chassis Mounted Servo
Servo: 2075X Metal Gear
Transmitter: TQi 2.4 GHz 4-Channel Transmitter
Receiver: 6533
Skill Level: 1
Battery Tray: 158.75 L x 47 W x 23/26mm H

MODEL 92086-4: TRX-4® Scale and Trail® Crawler with 1972 Chevrolet® K5 Blazer Body and Long Arm Lift Kit: 1/10 Scale 4WD Electric Truck. Ready-To-Drive®, with TQi Traxxas Link Enabled 2.4GHz Radio System, XL-5 HV ESC (fwd/rev), and Titan® 550 motor.

What’s In The Box:

  • TRX-4, Ready-To-Race® model
  • XL-5 HV waterproof electronic speed control
  • Titan® 21T reverse rotation motor
  • TQi 2.4GHz radio system with cruise control
  • High quality maintenance tools