DRK 160+ TSR Edition Drag Race ESC


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The Maclan DRK 160+ TSR Edition Drag Race ESC, is the next level in speed controller designed for mild to wild 2S drag racing. 

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Maclan DRK 160+ TSR Edition Drag Race ESC


Optimized for RC Drag Racing | Maclan DRK TSR is the ultimate No Prep RC ESC option

The Maclan DRK 160+ TSR Edition Drag Race ESC, is the next level in speed controller designed for mild to wild 2S drag racing. With this ESC, Maclan has given users the needed features, adjustments and specifications to provide powerful and reliable performance. The TSR edition ESC comes with an all aluminum case, adjustable throttle and brake PWM frequencies, advanced boost/turbo/over-boost systems, DRK super capacitor and more. Get the Maclan DRK 160+ TSR Edition Drag Race ESC and launch your way to victory.

Factory Profiles:

The DRK TSR ESC comes with six preset profiles designed specifically for 3.5T, 4.0T and 4.5T motors in low or high traction conditions. Select the profile that best suites the given application and fine tune to perfection. If needed, the user can reset these profiles to factory default settings using the optional ProLink or Maclan Link App. 

Data Logging:

The ESC logging function records both system data and motor parameters. When viewed on the optional Maclan Link App, the user will be given insight into the throttle position, motor RPM and ESC/Motor temperature. With this data, the user can make changes based on what is happening during the run with less guesswork.

Programming Parameters:

A key feature of this ESC are the many programable changes that can be made. Thirty different parameters can be adjusted and tuned with extreme precision. These parameters are under five categories: General & Protection, Brake Settings, Throttle Settings, Advanced Timing Settings and 7-Stage Launch Power Control. With these parameters, you can set your ESC between a stock Drag Blinky mode or a Drag Open mode.

NOTE: Advanced Timing Settings is an advanced feature that, if incorrectly used, can damage the ESC and/or motor. Be sure to monitor temperature systems in both ESC and motor carefully and adjust gearing as needed.



  • Made specifically for 2S Drag Racing
  • An all aluminum case is used for added cooling
  • Includes a super capacitor for better battery voltage and higher RPM
  • 7-Stage launch power control software
  • 70 degrees turbo timing for more power
  • Factory pre-soldered 10AWG wires
  • Updated control board for a more durable control circuit
  • Improved data logging with higher resolution and crop function, when compared to prior model DRK ESCs


  • ESC:
    • Scale: 1/10th Brushless Sensored/Sensorless ESC
    • Continuous Current: 160A
    • MOSFET Rated current: 400A/phase
    • Power input: 2S Li-Po
    • BEC output: Linear Mode 6V to 7.4V, 4A
    • Wire input: Black-10AWG-200mm*2
    • Wire output: Black-10AWG-200mm*3
    • Cooling Fan: 30x30x10mm high voltage turbo fan
    • Motor Limit: Brushless Sensored 3.5T
    • Dimension: 40x30x19mm (without fan)
    • Net Weight: 48g (without wires and capacitor module)
  • Super Capacitor:
    • Dimensions (without wires): 45x18x28mm (LxWxH)
    • Capacitance: 9400uF
    • Weight (with wires): 25g


  • (1) DRK 160+ TSR Edition ESC
  • (1) 20cm receiver cable (MCL4243)
  • (1) ESC power switch (MCL4242)
  • (1) 30×30 HV ESC fan (MCL4246)
  • (1) USB data cable (MCL4054)
  • (1) Decal Sheet